Enhanced Real Betting Experience With The Top Virtual Sports Offering

Video games have been a part of our culture since the emergence of personal computers, in the 1970s and 80s.

The Internet has brought gamers from all around the world together and offered some enticing opportunities to a variety of industries including the gambling sector.

As the online casinos gained popularity in the 2000s, it was only natural to embrace the gaming culture and create new products based on video games. That’s how the virtual sports niche was born combining the graphics and advanced computer programming to create a unique environment where real players could bet on the outcome of a virtual sporting event.

Virtual Sports Explained

Yet how can a real player bet on such an outcome? Or better said, how are such virtual sports outcomes created in the first place?

3D Graphics – Sports Games

While the technology behind such games isn’t for everyone, the principle that governs the virtual space is straightforward. In other words, this space uses the same old Random Number Generator or RNG as all the other online casino games that you play, from slots and video poker to roulette, blackjack, and all the other table games available at 777slotsbay.

The RNG algorithm helps determine the outcome of a given virtual event whether it’s a football game where two sides meet or a horse racing consisting of up to 14 virtual participants.

Obviously, on 777slotsbay we even go above and beyond and let you bet on entire competition outcomes that can be determined in under one hour, for example. Once again, the RNG will make the necessary simulations and determine the league standings and the winner of that particular competition.

The Advantages Of Playing Our Virtual Sports Games

You may not be familiar with virtual sports, however, we can say playing this format has its own particular advantages that make it fundamentally different from the traditional sports betting you may be accustomed to.

100% RNG-based Outcome

Indeed, the RNG is at the core of every virtual sports game, therefore there is no external condition you may not be aware of that can influence any outcome.

With real sports, there may be some last-minute information about the injury of a player that can significantly impact the final result and put your bet in a bad spot. Additionally, the weather may alter the expected results of a horse or motor racing event

With virtual sports, there are no such surprises. The information available before the start of the contest is all that matters for the RNG, thus you eliminate the risk of not taking into consideration all factors. In this sense, we can say virtual sports are a true pure form RNG-wise of the classic sports betting.

Around The Clock

When you decide to play our virtual sports, there is no fixed schedule that you must acknowledge as with the real-life sports events. You don’t have to wait till Sunday to have a variety of choices if you are an American football fan. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to comfortably bet on soccer.

24 Hours of Online Gambling action

Virtual sports are played around the clock, 24 hours a day, from early Monday till late Sunday. You can now bet on football, soccer, golf, rugby, and many other sports, not to mention a variety of racing games from horse, dog, or motor racing to speed skating, chariots, and cycling. You set your own limits.

Even More Convenience And Speed

That’s not all, though. Not only you can bet on single events 24 hours a day, on Christmas, or during the hot summer days, you can also place bets on entire competitions.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait six to nine months to find out the winner. You actually can witness a full season of your favorite sports competition - NFL, World Cup, Champions League, Europa League, and many more - in under one hour. That’s how long it takes for the virtual sports games we offer to process and simulate a real-life year-long competition.

Fun Fact: The First-Ever Virtual Game

Surprisingly, the first-ever virtual game was not created during the hype of the 1990s, not even during the 80s.

According to Wikipedia, IBM engineer John Burgeson created an early version of what today we call virtual sports in 1961 on an IBM 1620.

At that time, there were no personal computers, only the government & the big corporations could afford such technical wonders. The IBM 1620 was valued at around $120,000 in 1961 which, by today’s standards (2020 inflation-adjusted), is more than $1 million.

The baseball game created by Burgeson was based on a set of relative strengths & weaknesses introduced by the user. With this data available, you would set a roster, then the computer would simulate a given game by printing a play-by-play in text format.

The Top Virtual Sports Providers In 2020 Are Right Here

Variety is the name of the game on 777slotsbay.com, but our goal is also to bring to your screen the cream of the crop, the providers that offer the best-looking & fun-to-play games on the web.

Games powered by Kiron Interactive

Our virtual sports section makes no exception. With the providers listed below, you will definitely want to try out this new experience that will enhance your betting experience overall.

Kiron Interactive

Our main provider, Kiron was established 19 years ago, in 2001 and seeing this huge opportunity, has specialized in virtual games ever since.

Currently, Kiron has the most attractive portfolio in this niche with top-looking games that offer excitement and fun on all devices, your PC, laptop, or your smartphone & tablet.

You can bet on horse racings, dog or motor racings, speed skating, as well as on virtual football, hockey, golf, basketball shootouts, or table tennis.

1x2 Gaming

1x2 gaming is a UK-based gambling industry provider that offers some unique virtual sports games, most revolving on football aka soccer.

With 1x2 gaming, you can bet around the clock on the most popular football competitions like Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, Euro without worrying about details you aren’t aware of. No injuries, no special weather conditions, only an RNG that will simulate the events you bet on, based on information that is available to you from the getgo.

Be aware you can also bet on the simulation of year-long competitions without having to wait almost a year. All will be set and done in around 40 minutes.


Betsoft is one of the top game providers out there, from slots to video poker and table games, no question about it.

What you may not know is that it is also offering virtual sports to its partners. For example, you can now play Virtual Racebook 3D on 777slotsbay.com where you can bet on virtual horse racing while remaining informed and calculating risks thanks to the detailed horse statistics you have access to whenever you play the game.

Our Virtual Sports Offering

To make your life easier, we have grouped all the virtual games we are currently offering into sections named intuitively so that you can always make the right choice.

Racing Games

Racing games are all about the finish line & virtual participants lining up to get there first.

It’s now a matter of choice as to what racing games you want to play. We have the traditional horse racing with stats that can help you pick the winner & an exotic chariot racing, we have dog racing, motor racing with a variety of cars available, plus some worthy alternatives like speed skating or indoor cycling.

All are available 24/7 so you can bet on the outcome, no matter the time or place. It’s only up to you.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

Sports Games

We at 777slotsbay are offering you unique virtual environments that can trigger some real emotions & also real winnings.

You name the sporting event: a soccer match, an American football game, a rugby clash, a hockey encounter, and also a fun basketball shootout, archery, and also ice hockey penalty shootout.

Virtual Basketball Shootout Game

You can also bet on a full season of your desired virtual sporting competition - soccer league or the popular NFL. In around 40 minutes, you will see the outcome that otherwise would have put your bet on hold for at least six months.

Try the sports games out today!

Interactive Games

Besides the classic virtual sports, you can also experience a different challenge with some of our interactive games.

Choose to play Darts 180 and quickfire your dart to win up to 1,000x your initial bet. Or you can try the Penalty Shootout game where you can choose five players from each team to participate in a penalty shootout that can turn out epic not just in the virtual world, but also for your account balance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Like always, we are offering an easy-to-swallow content pill that will probably answer all your questions even though you haven’t read the whole section till now. If you still have questions about how virtual sports work, contact our support ASAP.

We are here to serve!

What is ‘virtual sports’?

Virtual sports are computer-generated events you can bet on with real money. The Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm determines the outcome of those events without the influence of any external real-world factor.

Is ‘Virtual Sports’ like Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

No, because virtual sports games do not rely on the results of real-world sporting events. The results are simulated in a virtual environment, based on an RNG algorithm. It is also not a competition between real users & in this case, resembles more with sports betting than DFS.

Is ‘Virtual Sports’ like eSports?

No, because virtual sports games do not rely on real-world players controlling a team or a virtual character. There is no direct connection between a human player and a virtual team. All results are RNG-based with no human intervention whatsoever.

Are the results of ‘Virtual Sports’ fixed?

No, the results of any of our ‘virtual sports’ events are simulated by a computer program that revolves around an RNG. This simulation is done automatically so nobody can interfere, therefore nobody knows the outcome beforehand.

Can I bet real money on virtual sports?

Of course! Just because the events are happening in a virtual environment, this doesn’t mean you can’t bet with real money. All virtual sports games are created so you can make an informed decision and assess the risks correctly before you decide to place a real-money wager.

Can I bet on single events only? Is there a ‘league mode’?

We have a variety of games - soccer primarily but also American football - that gives you the opportunity to place bets and experience the excitement of a full season in just 40 minutes or so. You can find them all on 777slotsbay.com.

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