Top 5 Funny Gambling Stories for Your Entertainment

11th Sep 2020, 9:39:58 AM

If you are an avid gambler, you probably have some crazy and “what-are-the-odds-for-that” gambling stories of your own.

Casinos can surely be very exciting and buoyant and, with that much adrenaline going around, some people just throw all logic out of the window for the sake of a good rush.

In this article we’re going to tell stories of croupiers and gamblers who had witnessed entertaining and life-changing events.

Contents: 1. The lucky hand of a dealer 2. Win the bet, lose the prize 3. Who’s a bad player now? 4. A very generous tip 5. The man who destroyed an entire city

The lucky hand of a dealer

In many parts of the world gamblers have certain superstitions about croupiers. For example, the ethnicity or gender of your dealer mixed with a certain type of game can mean luck or inevitable loss.

This is a story told by a croupier of Asian descent, a blackjack dealer in a French casino.

The blackjack table – the setting for many gambling stories

This particular night was business as usual and some of the Blackjack tables were full, some were not. A lady in her mid-60s comes in, all dressed up, and demands a table with a female Asian croupier because that’s the lucky type.

Unfortunately, our croupier’s table was already full, and the lady begrudgingly settled for an inferior white male dealer.

$15,000 of lost money later, she loudly complains and cries to the croupier. Her financial demise is obviously his fault alone and he is just being cruel to an elderly lady.

But she keeps playing, and the poor croupier keeps dealing, until a seat gets available at the Asian dealer’s table.

“I have never seen a senior spring with such vigor and enthusiasm in my life. She grabbed her chips and teleported right into one of my seats with a huge grin on her face.” the dealer said.

Her first couple of hands were definitely not lucky, but the lady looked into our dealer’s eyes and said “Come on, I know you can do it. You are my lucky charm!”

Her luck indeed changed, and she won back everything she lost and some extra to compensate for her emotional suffering.

She left the table with a huge smile and gave the unlucky croupier a stare of death on her way out.

Win the bet, lose the prize

This is a story of a girl who had enough of her boyfriend’s gambling habit. He was an avid soccer fan and a sport betting enthusiast, although this is not the word she used.

He tried to explain the rush, the anticipation, the thrill of winning but to no avail. In the end, his gambling addiction started taking its toll on their relationship.

After one very lively argument he finally managed to persuade her to give betting a try. So, they went to a bookie and she made a combo bet based on not much previous knowledge or interest.

But as she looked at the quotas, she decided to teach her boyfriend a lesson and chose the most improbable (and most lucrative) outcomes.

“Here. You care about this more than you care about me. You can have it.” she said, shoved a list into his hands and left.

A couple of days later she gets a text from her ex, saying that her list had won a whopping $1500 and that he was willing to split it 50-50.

She stood her ground and texted him back: “Keep it. You lost the Grand Prize anyways.” Ouch.

Sports Betting Bookies in Las Vegas

Source: Baishampayan Ghose

Who’s a bad player now?

Some Blackjack players will swear left and right that other players at the table can make or break their chances of winning.

Others say that the playing style or knowledge of other players doesn’t really make a difference, at least in the long run.

Some, however, like to blame their bad luck on fellow gamblers one way or the other.

This story was told by an enthusiastic but unskilled player, let’s call him Garry, who had an experience with one such fellow.

One night, Garry was seated at the blackjack table, happily losing his money on one bad call after another. Another player seated himself and began to play carefully and strategically, but to no avail. The unfortunate chap had hit a losing streak to match Garry’s own.

Since the other player was seated after our protagonist, he dumped the blame for his bad streak on Garry’s subpar playing skills. After enduring a lot of swearing, sighing and eye rolling, Garry decided he had enough.

Our hero offered to trade seats, which was wholeheartedly accepted, with the comment “Now I’ll show you how to play this game!”.

From that very moment, Garry started getting one blackjack after another while the other fellow kept losing.

The final straw was when Garry was dealt 20 and, unbelievably, asked to be hit… only to get an Ace. Needless to say, the sulky fellow left the table in utter disgust, never to be seen again.

A very generous tip

There is a lot to say about controversies surrounding Kerry Parker. He was an Australian billionaire, a media tycoon and one of the most powerful men in the 20th century media business.

He was also a famous gambler known for winning and losing astronomical amounts.

During one of his gambling trips he was at a Blackjack table, casually talking to the dealer while playing. The dealer was a woman who struggled financially, juggling between a job, a family and a mortgage that was way overdue.

So, Packer decided to help out with a huge tip, but the woman refused.

She explained that all the tips go to a dealer’s tip pool, which means that his generous donation would be shared equally among all the dealers.

While she didn't mind that, she wanted to explain how the money wouldn’t be going where he wanted it to go. Packer frowned and called the manager.

When the manager showed up, Packer said: "Fire this woman immediately!". The entire room went quiet and the manager obliged. No one goes against a man of such immense influence and wealth.

Packer gave the dealer her tip and explained the situation to the horrified manager. “Now you don’t have to share it with anyone. Manager! Hire this woman immediately!”

Needless to say, the dealer was rehired and got to keep the huge tip, too. The man who destroyed an entire city

The man who destroyed an entire city

Atlantic City is no Vegas, but many tourists choose this destination as a compromise between a family-friendly and gambling getaway.

This is not why Don Johnson (the billionaire business man, not the actor visited Atlantic City in April 2011. He was out for some serious money.

In a nutshell, Mr. Johnson won almost $6 million during a Blackjack gambling spree in the Tropicana casino, all in one night.

He had previously lightened the revenues of Borgata and Caesars for $5 million and for $4 million respectively. Fair and square.

Everyone’s eyes were on him. Managers and pit bosses watched his every move but there was no card counting, no funny business. He walked away with his winnings, leaving everyone in awe and despair. But how did he do it?

He started with a $100,000 bet, which drew attention almost immediately. He won $800,000 in just one hand. His playing strategy, which brought him a total of nearly $6 million, was absolutely brilliant.

Atlantic City by night – scene of Don Johnson’s success

Source: Ron Miguel

He started with a $10,000 bet and was dealt two eights. He split the hand and asked for two more cards, which were, surprisingly, two eights again.

Now he has four eights, each played as a single hand. His balance is now quadrupled, amassing to $400,000. The house has a five and another card that is still face down.

Johnson decides to double down on each hand again, bringing the balance to $800,000. He received a three on the first hand, a two on the second, and again a three and a two on the last two hands.

Now it is the croupier’s turn to draw, and he draws a ten. Johnson calls it, wagering that the card that is still face down is a seven or higher, making the dealer’s sum over 21. And he’s right! The face down card is a 10.

Johnson won it all. As a result, he decimated the casino’s monthly revenues and brought three gambling meccas to the brink of despair.

Consequently, Caesars banned him from its casinos everywhere. But who cares? Johnson walked away with almost $15 million and never looked back.

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