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27th Jul 2020, 9:49:49 AM

In this article you will find:

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  • Sic Bo versus Craps

  • Sic Bo Betting Options

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Sic Bo, also known as Tai sai or Dai sui (big and small) is an ancient Chinese game of chance. It is played with three dice, rolled by a dealer, and players bet on how the dice will land.

The game is extremely popular in Asia, where it is known as Dai Sui in Macau casinos and Hi-Lo in the Philippines. It made its way to the United States via Chinese immigrants in the early 20th Century and can now be found in most American casinos. You can also play both video and live dealer Sic Bo in online casinos.

There are numerous betting options, including the Big or Small bet after which the game is named. This can make the table layout look a bit intimidating at first sight.

But the bets are all pretty straightforward and once you have mastered them, playing could not be simpler.

Live Casino Sic Bo Table


The players place one or more bets on the appropriate area of the table (see above). The dice are in a small chest which the dealer picks up, closes and shakes. The dealer then opens the chest to show how the dice have fallen. Bets are collected or paid out accordingly after each roll.

Sic Bo versus Craps

Craps is probably the best-known casino game involving dice. So it’s not surprising that Sic Bo, the new kid on the block, is often compared to it.

But despite the fact that Both Craps and Sic Bo tables have intimidating layouts for the novice, the latter is by far the easier game to play.

In Craps, it is necessary to be familiar with all the different combinations related Both to the table and the dice as well as concepts such as come-out-rolls, points, right bettors, wrong bettors, buying bets…etc. Bets can also be won or lost over a number of rolls.

In Sic Bo, the player bets only on the combination of numbers that will appear on the face of the dice, or the totals of the numbers on the dice. These bets are lost or won on a single roll of the dice.

In other words, if you’re looking for a simple dice game that does not require a complicated strategy or intimate knowledge of odds, Sic Bo is the game for you.

Sic Bo Betting Options

As we said before, the Sic Bo betting options are all pretty straightforward. And since the payouts on each bet are clearly displayed on the Board, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to work out the odds. You just use the simple rule of the thumb that applies to all casino games: The higher the payout level, the lower the odds in your favour are.

Big or Small bets

Here you are betting on whether the total of the three dice will be Big (11 to 17) or Small (4 to 10). Payout on these bets is 1:1 as it’s an even chance bet (think Black/Red bets in Roulette).

But here it’s important to note that for these bets, triples lose i.e. If you bet on big and throw a triple four, you lose. And that’s why you won’t find 3 and 18 covered in these bets, as the only possible combinations for these numbers are a triple 1 and a triple 6.

Going back to the roulette comparision, the “triples excluded” rule serves the same function as the green zero pocket on the Roulette wheel. It reduces the 50/50 chance and gives the house an edge.

Big or Small betting squares


Probably the easiest bet on the Board, players wager on what the total of the combined dice will be. You can choose from the range between 4 and 17 (3 and 18 are covered in Triple bets).

Payouts on each number are different and depend on the probability of it coming up. But they are all clearly displayed on the betting squares.

Sic Bo Total betting squares


This is a bet that any two specific numbers will come up on the dice. A bet on Combination 3 and 5 will win if the dice land on 3, 1, and 5.

Combination betting squares


The single bet is on one specific number coming up on any of the dice.

Payouts differ according to how many of the dice the number you have chosen shows up on. If you bet on 5 and it comes up on one of the dice, payout is 1:1. If it shows up on two of the dice, payout is 2:1. And if all three dice are showing a 5, you’ll get a payout of 3:1.

Sic Bo Single betting squares


The Double is on two specific numbers showing on the three dice. You can bet on any double from 1 to 6.

Double betting squares


The Triple bet is on all three dice showing the same number.

You can bet on a specific triple, for example triple 3s, or on any triple (you don’t bet on a specific number, just that the throw will result in a triple).

Any Triple usually gives a payout of 30:1 as it’s a pretty long shot. But winning a specific triple bet pays a staggering 150:1 or more in some versions of the game. But the odds against you on this bet are 216 to 1 so it’s definitely one for Sic Bo high-rollers only.

Triple betting squares


If you’re looking for a dice game that’s less complicated than Craps, you should definitely give Sic Bo a whirl. And here we should mention that the payouts we’ve listed above vary depending on the game provider so it’s worth checking the different versions before you start playing.

Try playing Sic Bo for free here before heading over to our live casino to play for real money. Good Luck!

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